Backup with rdiff-backup

I have looked around for a good backup tool. I have earlier used rdiff, but after mistakenly overwriting an impotent file, and not beeing able to restore it, as rdiff does not store previous versions of files. Therefore I found rdiff-backup, which uses the transfer technique from rdiff, only transferring changes, but furthermore keeps copies of older versions on the server. First we install the software with apt-get on both servers.

apt-get install rdiff-backup

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I use a SSH tunnel to backup through [read more here]. As I use a different port than the standard port 22, we must create a file named config in the folder .ssh/ in the home directory.

Host backup
User root
Port 6655
HostName localhost

Now we are able to backup using the following command

rdiff-backup --print-statistics /home/ backup::/data/backup/ home/

On the server a copy of the /home directory is located in /data/backup. Furthermore a directory named rdiff-backup-data/ is found in the root, containing old diff data, to be able to recreate older versions.
To recreate older versions read more here

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