A Java interface for BR847

For some time ago i bought a DIY serial I/O interface with 24 input ports and 36 output ports. The serial board is from Brink elektronik and has the product code BR847. As far as I can see, they do however not sell this board anymore, thus no new code interface is developed. The only interface provided is a binary executable, which is not easily coded up against. Therefore I have created a Java interface, which can communicate with the I/O board.

This interface uses the RXTX interface. I will not in detail describe how this is installed on different platforms. But on my Linux Debian Etch installation I have copied the two following files to the java directory – this worked fine for me.
RXTXcomm.jar goes in /jre/lib/ext (under java)
librxtxSerial.so goes in /jre/lib/[machine type] (i386 for instance)

Any class that uses the interface must implement the following interface [InfPortListener].

public interface InfPortListener
    public void inputPortChange(int port, boolean state);
    public void outputPortChange(int port, boolean state);

Then we must add a listener


Now if a port changes, one of the methods will be called.

In order to change a port we must use the followning method.


You can see the whole java class here here

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